Cissy Lynn 2023: Amazing News About Her Life

Cissy Lynn gained notoriety as the famous daughter of the late singer Loretta Lynn and her husband Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn. During their five-decade marriage, the couple had six children, of whom she is one. Who is Cissy, then, putting her siblings aside? What is Lynn doing with her life, anyway? This article covers all there is to know about Loretta Lynn’s adorable daughter.

What Is Cissy Lynn Up To These Days?

At the moment, Lynn works as a manager at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, a campground, event venue, and tourist attraction. The company has employed her since March 2012, when she started her managerial duties.

Quick FactsDetails
Full NameClara Marie “Cissy” Lynn
Popular NameCissy Lynn
Birth PlaceHurricane Mills, Tennessee
BirthdayApril 7, 1952
FatherOliver “Doolittle” Lynn
MotherLoretta Lynn
SiblingsBetty Sue Lynn, Jack Benny Lynn, Ernest Ray Lynn, Peggy Jean Lynn, and Patsy Eileen Lynn
SchoolWaverly Central High School
Net Worth$1.5 million
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseJohn Beams
ChildrenElizabeth Lyell Braun


Who Were the Parents of Cissy Lynn?

The daughter of I’m a Honky Tonk Girl singer Loretta Lynn and her partner Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn, Clara Marie Lynn was born in 1952.

However, her parents have already died away. First, on August 22, 1996, the renowned talent manager passed away. The sources claim that heart failure and complications from diabetes were the cause of his death. Regretfully, he passed away only five days shy of turning seventy.

Conversely, Cissy’s mother, who was 90 years old, passed away on October 4, 2022. She battled several health issues before passing away quietly in her sleep.

At Loretta’s Hurricane Mills ranch, Clara Lynn’s mother and father are currently interred close to one another.

Clara’s mother battled alone to support her children’s development

Clara's mother battled alone to support her children's development

From an early age, Clara witnessed her parents putting in a lot of labor in show business. Her father worked as a talent manager, and her mother, Loretta, was a well-known country singer-songwriter. But there was a cost to this: her father was rarely there when she was growing up.

In addition to this, Oliver cheated on his wife more than once while they were married. In addition to this, Mr. Doolittle refrained from paying Clara’s mother a visit throughout the time of her miscarriage prior to Ernest Ray’s birth.

For this reason, among many others, Loretta Lynn assisted in raising all six of her children on her own. We can also unanimously agree that she was an excellent mommy!

Cissy has five siblings

Cissy grew up in her Tennessee home with her five siblings—two brothers and three sisters. On November 26, 1948, Betty Sue Lynn, her oldest sister, was born. Sadly, on July 29, 2013, she passed away too soon.

She was only 64 years old at the time. Moreover, emphysema was the cause of her death, as reported.

In the same way, Jack Benny Lynn was her sibling. His birthday is December 7, 1949. Regretfully, Jack passed away at a very young age, just like Betty. He drowned in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee’s Duck River, on July 24, 1984, when he was 34 years old.

In addition, her remaining siblings are still living and doing well now. As of 2023, Ernest Ray Lynn, her other brother, who was born on May 27, 1951, was 72 years old. He resides in Hurricane Mills on his late mother’s ranch with his spouse, Crystal Lynn.

Similarly, Peggy Jean and Patsy Eileen, who were born on August 6, 1964, have an older sister named Clara Marie.

How old is Cissy Lynn in 2023? 

Lynn, who is currently 71 years old, was raised in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, her hometown. Specifically, Cissy was a student at Waverly Central High School in Waverly, Tennessee.

Does Cissy Enjoy Country Music as Well?

Yes, Lynn loves country music as much as her mother does. Clara has left her mark on the music industry despite not being as well-known as her mother was.

Furthermore, she grew up loving country music from a very young age. That being said, Lynn has helped her mother with her work ever since she was a small child. She eventually succeeded in carving out a career for herself in the country music industry.

The ideal pair, mother and daughter!

The ideal pair, mother and daughter!

Lynn has also put out a handful of albums. The Daughter of the Coal Miner’s Daughter is one of her CDs that became a tremendous hit. The album comprises 9 tracks in total, among which Memories Get in the Way, Letter to Loretta, and Boomerang are the most loved ones.

Cissy Lynn Collaboration with Her Hubby

Cissy has also worked on a couple of CDs alongside her spouse. Together, the husband-wife team has issued albums produced by Loretta Lynn herself. She performed with her spouse’s band, The Black River Band, for many years.

Who Is Cissy Lynn Married To?

Clara “Cissy” Lynn and her husband, John Beams, were wed in 2023. The couple has enjoyed a long and happy marriage. Since their wedding was small-scale, it is difficult to determine the precise day of the ceremony.

Speaking of her husband, Beams is also a singer-songwriter. He plays in The Black River Band, a local band. As was previously noted, Cissy traveled and sang a lot with her companion in the early days. Therefore, it stands to reason that the couple first connected at one of the local band’s musical concerts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who was Cissy Lynn’s first husband?

Garry Lyell

Cissy, Loretta Lynn’s daughter, has been married twice in her life. She was married to Garry Lyell before she met John, her current partner. Sadly, she and Garry’s marriage was only together for a short while. After their divorce, her ex-husband wed someone else.It’s interesting to note that Cissy’s first marriage produced a daughter. Her only kid, Elizabeth Lyell Braun, is her own. Now that she is an adult, she is contentedly wed to Chad Braun.

Q. What Will Cissy’s Net Worth Be in 2023?

Cissy Lynn’s predicted net worth in 2023 is $1.5 million. Similarly, her four children inherited a staggering $65 million in net worth from their late mother.

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