Summer Miami Luellen – Daughter of  Yung Miami

Living the luxurious life of a celebrity kid is something that many can only imagine, especially in sunny Miami. For Yung Miami’s daughter Summer Luellen, this dream becomes her reality!

As the girl of the observed American rapper Yung Miami, Summer approaches a way of life dissimilar to some others – Particularly early on Summer is as of now leaving behind a legacy and is well en route to becoming perhaps one of the greatest names in diversion.

So have a look into the world of this little cute kid regarding Summer Luellen’s everyday way of life in energetic Miami!

Introducing a Cute Lill Girl

Get ready to meet the latest addition to the hip-hop family – Summer Miami Luellen! As the daughter of Yung Miami, Summer Miami makes headlines not just for her parentage, but for her own adorable presence as well. She’s the daughter of Yung Miami and Joshua Howard Luellen (Southside).

Born on October 16, 2019, Summer Miami is now 3 years old and a proud Libra. With her cute nickname ‘Sum Sum’ and American nationality, she is already a mini-celebrity who has a bright future ahead of her. While her famous mother rose to fame as part of the rap duo City Girls, Sum Sum has been stealing hearts on social media with her cute smile, appearance of her colorful outfits, and playful personality.

While everyone is buzzing about this exciting news, some have been wondering about the age of Lil 50, another young rapper star. But let’s not forget about the youngest member of the family, Summer Miami Luellen!

Knowing About Careesha Romeka Brownlee Aka Yung Miami

Summer Miami Luellen, the growing star kid, has acquired a ton of consideration for her abilities and her remarkable beauty at the age of just 3. As fans keep on showing their interest in her look, many are additionally looking forward to her luxurious lifestyle. The mother of Summer Miami Luellen is none other than Careesha Romeka Brownlee, better known by her stage name Yung Miami.

Brought into the world in 1994, Yung Miami advanced toward fame as an exclusive member of the famous all-female rap bunch City Young Ladies, whose music has ruled the outlines since its development in 2017. With such a capable mother to admire, it’s no big surprise Summer is making her appearance on social media.

Her abilities on the mic and commitment to her art have helped her turn into a regarded figure in the music business. And now, as a mother to the up-and-coming star Summer Miami Luellen, Careesha is continuing to make waves and inspire the next generation of female rappers.

Summer Miami Luellen Sibling

Summer Miami Luellen Sibling

Summer Miami may be known as the newest addition to Yung Miami’s family, but she is not the only child. In fact, Summer’s older brother Jai Malik Wiggins has been a part of Yung Miami’s life for over 13 years. he was born on June 26, 2013. Unfortunately, the happy family dynamic was shattered by the tragic death of Jai Jr.’s father, Jai Wiggins.

His father, Jai Wiggins, was involved in a violent gunfight on June 15, 2020, and tragically lost his life the following day. But Yung Miami got separated from his ex-husband because of the personal violence in their relationship.

Yung Miami and Luellen (Southside) are no more in a Relationship

Yung Miami may have found success in her music career, but her personal life has also been the subject of media attention. She dated producer and rapper Joshua Howard Luellen, aka Southside, from 2018 to 2021. They even welcomed their daughter Summer Miami in October 2019.

However, in February 2021, Yung Miami announced on social media that she and Southside were no longer together. She stated, “Single af & nobody wants me.” While there has been no official statement on the reason for their split, sources claim that it was due to infidelity from both parties.

Despite the end of their romantic relationship, Yung Miami and Southside continue to co-parent Summer Miami together

Net Worth Of Summer Miami Luellen

Being the daughter of a famous rapper, Summer Miami Luellen is already living a life of luxury and fame. Well, as far as his net worth is concerned, she’s just a little kid of age three years. Summer’s exit net worth is not publicly known but she has definitely assessed to her mother’s net worth which is about $1.5 million

We all know that with her growing popularity on social media, it is safe to say that Summer Miami will not have a shortage of money in the future as a wealthy star kid.

Diddy and Yung Miami are Datting Each Other.

Many rumors have been there about Yung Miami’s relationship with Diddy. Recently it has been said that Yung Miami is dating a famous hip-hop singer ‘Diddy’ as they are spotted together on many occasions.

While neither party has confirmed or denied these rumors, it’s clear that Summer Miami is already making waves with her cuteness overloaded.

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